Find the right mobile dj

Their advertisements are everywhere you look. On telephone poles at the corner intersections. In the entertainment section of the local daily newspapers and Pennysaver Magazine. In your mailbox on direct mail postcards and of course the internet. A quick “google” search for Mobile Disc Jockey NY can yield 191,000 potential sources of information. Now of course most of us would limit our search to the first couple of response pages and go from there, but even with that kind of response how is someone supposed to know if they are choosing the right DJ for their event.

In order to make the right decision it is important to first have an understanding of six key points:

1. First off your DJ is responsible for 85% of the success of your event. That’s right, next to the food, your Mobile Disc Jockey is the most important person you can invite to your party. If your DJ “sucks”, you can rest assured your event will as well. Stop and think about it for a second. Who is the one who is in control of the pace of your event? Who is responsible for the entertainment of your guests? Who is responsible for keeping the right music playing and the dance floor full?

2. Second, not all Mobile Disc Jockeys are created equal. Just because a person has some sound equipment and some music CD’s does not mean that person’s equipment is professional, or his music library adequate. Believe it or not there are Mobile Disc Jockey’s out there who are microphone shy. That’s right! These DJ’s absolutely refuse to use the microphone in any way, manner, shape or form. Some will make use of the microphone, but have absolutely no personality at all. In addition, some DJ’s have elaborate equipment without the slightest idea as to how make it work properly.

3. Third, if you shop for price first you will be sorry in the long run. This is not to say that you can’t find a great DJ at a great price, but let’s make sure that when the event is over you fell not only that you’ve gotten your money’s worth, but you and your guests had a really great time. I always say, “If the food is all gone and nobody is leaving, rest assured your guests are enjoying themselves and the Mobile DJ is doing his or her job properly.

So, with these three points in mind, how can you insure that you are making the right entertainment decision? Make sure they have the right dj software!

4. Fourth, get to know the DJ who answers the phone. From the minute they answer your call you must judge that person on their professionalism and ability to answer your questions. It’s important to know how long they have been in business. Is your DJ, if required, licensed and insured? I know in most New York and Pennsylvania venues any reputable catering hall requires the Mobile Disc Jockey to have liability insurance. What kind of personality is it that you are looking for and does the person on the other end of the phone have the capability of providing just that personality. What about voice? Will the DJ put you to sleep or energize you and your guests, without going overboard? Where has the DJ performed before and are there references, testimonials and photographs available to you? Is the DJ a part time or full time Mobile Disc Jockey? Are they an owner operator and is it the person you are speaking to that will actually attend you event? Have they ever been booked for a party and just now shown up? Have they ever been late to an event? Don’t be afraid to initiate a friendly conversation and judge accordingly on the DJ’s ability to make you feel comfortable, or not. Remember your first impression is usually your best guide in making this type of decision.

5. Fifth, what kind of sound equipment will the Mobile Disc Jockey be bringing to your party or event? Is it new or old? What is the quality of the sound? Can it handle the size of your event room or will amps overheat and equipment breakdown? Will back up equipment be available at a moments notice if needed? I suggest asking for a list of the potential entertainer’s equipment and doing a little checking on the internet. If nothing else you’ll get to see what the DJ’s setup will look like at your event. What kind of lighting will the Mobile Disc Jockey be providing? Are you looking for nothing special or a Studio 54 environment? What kind of microphones will the Mobile Disc Jockey have available? Will they, or it, be wired or wireless? Will a microphone be available to you if requested? Will the DJ handle the announcements? Will the DJ be dressed accordingly? How many people accompany this Mobile Disc Jockey? Will the DJ’s music be provided on vinyl, CD or MP3 format? Exactly how many songs will be available to play at you event? Here’s a fact for you. Most DJ’s don’t have the songs listed in their music libraries. The DJs website lists thousand of songs, but their actually repertoire is not anywhere close to the count. Will you have the opportunity to prepare a play and do-not-play list, and will the DJ abide by your requests? A play list will insure that you are listening to the music you want to listen to! Will there be back-up music available in case of a problem with a piece of equipment? Remember you have a right to ask questions to insure your satisfaction. Ask for an actual song list of the songs that the potential Mobile Disc Jockey has readily available.

6. Sixth, OK, price. You’ve seen the ads. Up to 4 hours only $195.00. Let me tell you something right here and now. If you believe that for $195.00 you are getting a Mobile Disc Jockey that will provide you with any type of quality entertainment, you are wrong. Let’s take into consideration equipment, music, transportation, insurance, clothing, etc. There is no way that anyone could offer that kind of price and be legit or professional. Prices for Mobile Disc Jockeys vary in range from $500.00 to over $3000.00. It depends on the event and exactly what it is that you, the client are looking for. Some DJ’s put together package deals that include this and that. I have always chosen to offer one price for everything. My philosophy is that if you are going to do something, then do it right. Do not shop price first! Make sure, no matter what you are paying, or should I say investing in a Mobile Disc Jockey is worth every penny you spend. It’ll do no good to save a couple of hundred dollars and lose all of the potential memories that could have, or should have been made.

Also, if you want Karaoke, make sure he has the right karaoke software!